Hollywood Hulk Hogan And Heather Clem SexTape

Hollywood Hogan & HeatherClem sex movie just surfaced on the world wide web a few days ago & it has managed an immense amount of amazement. HeatherClem was the spouse of TODD ALAN CLEM who is a famous radio funny guy who has worked with Howard Stern. At the time TODD ALAN CLEM & HeatherClem got married, Hollywood Hogan was the grooms man. In the sex movie it clearly displays how Hollywood Hogan drilled HeatherClem in her & Todd Alan Clem’s room. This mere fact leads to many of people to perceive that Hollywood Hogan & TODD ALAN CLEM were swapping HeatherClem who happened to be Sterling Golden aka Hulk Hogan’s ex, LINDA HOGAN’s best friend. HeatherClem was always known to be a really gorgeous lady that adored posting provocative photos of herself & embedding them on the net. Now we come to learn that Heather Cole was also, a horny babe which adored being plummeted by Hollywood Hogan & being recorded while getting banged up.

Newly Engaged Angelina Jolie in Production Fifty Shades of Grey Project

Famously known trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” has every lady in fantasy land with the prime character Mr. Grey and his way with women. This exotic novel is part of a trilogy by author E.L James and chicks are now pondering if a flick will be in production for this novel. Are you noticing a movement now? At first it was the Harry Potter books, then the Twilight books and the newest The Hungry Games books; every one of these teenage loving books have all been revolutionized into big movies.

Soon to be wed Angelina Jolie has been stated to be the director that quite possibly have the enjoyment to make Mr. Grey come alive. Newly engaged Angelina Jolie has been said to haven been wanting to to direct again after her directorial debut of “In The Land of Blood and Honey.” Not a thing has been given the green as of right now, but what do you guys think? What do you feel engaged Angelina Jolie is the suitable director to achieve bringing the attractive Mr. Grey to come alive?

Are Star Couple Beyonce & Jay-Z Pregnant with Second Child

Sources state that Jay-Z and Beyonce are pregnant with their second child now. They already have a five month old baby girl named Blue Ivy. She is supposedly 2 months pregnant currently and that they want the baby is a boy. A informant close to the famous couple stated to the news that Beyonce will most likely verify the ongoing news by the last days of August. The famous pair have not told lots of individuals about their news.

Informants have also told press that Beyonce has once again started consuming folic acid pills and everyone knows that those kind of pills are only consumed when a chick plans on becoming pregnant or is currently pregnant.  If the star married couple is pregnant once more, Beyonce will continue to take time off from her performing schedule. Do you think Beyonce and Jay-Z is pregnant once again?

Madonna Flashes Boob To Audience at Concert

Just some nights ago, during a show on the MDNA Tour, MADONNA got wild just like in the old days with an epic presentation in Europe in which she purposely revealed her nipple to the public. Sadly, her daring move has incited mixed view points. A lot of her viewers have referred her move as a hasty attempt from MADONNA to cause a frenzy as she did back in the days.

Tough it seems, it totally sickened viewers. Madge is now viewed as desperate. There’s no doubt, Madge made a huge error. Well, I conclude that Madge should renounce from daring acts.  Madge is much too old to be displaying her nipple to the public at a tour like she’s still a youngling. The fact of the matter is, that it is ugly. Madge spare us all that hideous sight!

Top Five Shortest Celebrity Unions

Individuals know that a lot of Hollywood marriages do not last for a long time, but there are some celeb marriages that only last for hours. These stars on this list should have had a clue that they were not right for each other before tying the knot in the City of Sin or paying for a enormous lavish wedding ceremony just for a publicity stunt. Whatever reason they felt the desire to make a parody out of the union and now they have made their mark as having the short lived Hollywood marriages.

Below is the The Short Term Famous Marriages:

  1. Britney Spears & Jason Alexander
  2. Nicolas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley
  3. Jana Kramer & Johnathan Schaech
  4. Drew Barrymore & Jeremy Thomas
  5. Dennis Hopper & Michelle Phillips

I’m certain that many more stars that will join this list for years. Cannot wait to see what other fallen apart famous marriages will happen in this year of 2012.


Mother Monster Terrible Head Injury at New Zealand Show

Gaga was doing a concert in New Zealand on June 10th of this year when a male backup dancer attempted to move a metal pole from the stage when he bashed Gaga on the top side of her head intensely hard. At that time Lady Gaga had bent down to get her fingers on a machine gun prop right before getting bashed. Right after the incident occurred Gaga staggered for a second and also rubbed her head. She slowly walked off the stage right after, but quickly returned to finish sixteen additional songs. Later in the concert Mother Monster addressed the fans and stated “”I want to apologize. I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion. But don’t you worry, I will finish this show.” On Twitter, Mother Monster tweets a picture of her face where you can definitely see the bruising on her right cheek and around her right eye. The songtress also tweeted, “Emerging from hours of sleep”. So, it looks like that the singer will be alright and is recuperate quite fast from her head injury. A lot of concert goers are blown away that Mother Monster could complete her New Zealand concert.

Unknown Celeb Couples

In the past there have been a few famous companionships that many fans do not know about. Lots ponder, “How did I not know about this?” The reality is plenty of celebs that did get together only hung out for a small amount of time and made sure to keep their partnership out of the public eye. While others were definitely the spotlight, but for one reason individuals either think no more of them or absolutely did not care about the relationship.

Below are the Top Three Celeb Companionships You Were Not Aware Of:

1. Jason Schwartzman & Zooey Dechanel.

2. Adam “Ad Rock” Horowitz & Molly Ringwald.

3. Corey Feldman & Drew Barrymore.

A lot of these famous couples must have took back some of the viewers as there were several that I personally did not even know about. It is a bit shocking to see several of these celebrities date and then sadly call it off as well. Make certain to continue visiting for a lot more cool celeb gossip.

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